Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mum. I am blessed to have baby Harry in my life and I’m fortunate to even have these complaints because some people never actually get the chance to. Some of these ‘complaints’ may seem petty but these are the some of the things I have struggled with, becoming a mum.

Washing: Before falling pregnant and still living with my mum & dad washing was not part of my daily life (I’m already feeling the spoilt little brat eye rolls) yes my mum did my washing til I was 25 and it was not something that even entered my mind. Of course I was grateful but I never appreciated the time and energy that goes into it. I actually cannot believe how it piles up. Not only did I start doing my own washing but Harry and Toms too. Like honestly how much washing can one baby have? And the bibs. The stains on the bibs… still working on how to get them looking like they have actually been washed. Who actually has the time to hang out the washing? Yes Harry had naps but god forbid wanting 5 minutes to sit there in the peace and quiet. Washing is a complete and utter debacle. There is nothing nice about it. Sorry mum.

Mess: If you saw my bedroom I am not the tidiest of people, my clean washing will happily sit on a chair for a few days and I’m not one to care if I leave a draw open. But since Harry has started solids Iv felt a different kind of OCD kick in. I absolutely cannot stand the mess the food makes, around his mouth, on the high chair, even on the bib. Can not deal. I’m trying to get better and I know I need to get the eff over it but while he is eating I am constantly mopping things up with baby wipes even before he has finished. It just makes me cringe. Also I’m a bit obsessed about washing my hands, my sister says I have issues. 

ODD socks: To be honest I don’t really care wearing odd socks but I would seriously like to know WHERE do socks actually go? Similar to the bobby pin and hair tie situation. I remember as a kid I always had odd socks on and mum had a huge huge basket in the spare room of hundreds of spare, unpaired socks. Still to this day I get a bit of a kick out of wearing a pair of socks it is a true rarity. Sorry Harry your under the spell. Why are pairs even a thing? 

Being a mind reader: Trying to figure out what a miniature human is wanting even though mini human doesn’t usually know what it wants. 

Feeling on more than one occasion that I simply don’t have my shit together: Becoming a mum has been my greatest challenge yet. No one can actually say or do anything to prepare you for what motherhood has to offer. Iv accepted the fact that I will always be tired, that 99% of the time my hair will be in a bun and my eyes will constantly look as black as Pandas. 

Iv finally made a Snapchat for Harry, so I can stop spamming Instagram stories! I’d love to watch other mums snaps too. Watch our daily challenges and high fives, Add us on snapchat: hello.harry1

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