Gastroschisis Awareness Day

GASTROSCHISIS AWARENESS DAY.July 30th is Gastroschisis awareness day.   

Gastroschisis is a birth defect that causes the intestines to protrude from a hole in the abdomen, typically to the right of the umbilical cord. Occasionally, other organs are involved as well. In Harry’s case his stomach was also on the outside. 

While approximately 90% of affected babies survive with proper medical care, there is still a 10% mortality rate even with the best medical care. In nations without access to proper medical care, the mortality rate is often 100%. 

The medical community still does not know what causes gastroschisis. The team at the Women’s and Children’s hospital told us Gastroschisis affects 1 in every 5,000 babies. Studies are demonstrating a familial link to gastroschisis, with one study showing that 23% of families studied had more than one relative with gastroschisis (which scares the hell out of us). However, the single largest risk factor for having a child with gastroschisis continues to be young maternal age. 

Today we remember the angels that weren’t able to win the fight and the warriors who fought and made it out of hospital, including our dearest Harry 💚

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