It was 6 weeks after I first hung out with Tom. I’d been obsessed with him for awhile and known him for a few years but still, it was only 6 weeks. I had an urge to go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test. I wasn’t on the pill and well I thought I wouldn’t be able to fall pregnant on my own because of my endometriosis so you could say we weren’t exactly ‘careful’ I just wanted a pregnancy test to clear my head. I sound so blaze about it and looking back, I was. 

I was already out, picking something up from the post office after work on a Friday. The chemist caught my eye and I thought oh that’s right, I was going to get a pregnancy test. I honestly thought it would come up negative, but every now and then I used to do them just to make sure. I got one along with some other things and headed home. I weed on it and left it in the bathroom. 

I went inside to see my mum and dad and my sister was over at the time with her two boys. Two hours had past and I had completely forgotten about the test. I was going about my business until I needed to use the loo. Sitting there was the pregnancy test “oh yeah I forgot about that “as I picked it up. It was one of those digital ones ‘2-3 weeks pregnant’ my chest caved in and tears started to flow. I don’t think I could’ve breathed in any harder if I tried.
 I ran to my dad and I couldn’t speak handing him the test. He said what what is it !! I said IM pregnant!!!!!! “Oh darling. Congratulations” he said. I was still so confused. I am so lucky to have such supportive and loving parents. My dad still doesn’t let me forget, amongst all the tears and confusion I said “that means I can’t drink this weekend” ha! Ridiculous I know, but that was my life back then. I ran back into my room and took another test. Same result. Ok it was time to go the chemist and get another pack of tests because the ones I had must’ve been faulty or something. 

Tom was at his families house celebrating his brothers birthday. He had been going on about a surprise that he ordered online and he messaged me saying it had arrived and tonight would be the “big reveal” how ironic. 

I got in the car and went to the chemist and got more pregnancy tests. I then raced over to my sisters house. She was giving her littlest one a bath. She was sitting on a stall. I said to her thankgod your sitting I have some news. Shock of course but then excitement. I did 2 more tests. 2-3 weeks pregnant. It was real. 

It felt like I hadn’t seen Tom in 55 years. The night was going forever before he arrived. He was so excited to give me my present. He got me a pair of nikes. I came across completely underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them but I had knots in my stomach thinking about ways I would break the news to him that would change his life for ever. 

“Ok. I don’t even know how to say this. I’m pregnant” His mouth dropped open and there were no words. I still remember him putting his hand over his mouth with huge bright wide eyes. No way. He said. We didn’t say a word for a couple of minutes. And then joy, and nervousness and just so many other emotions started to flow. We just held each other for hours.

I knew I was going to be with Tom for the rest of my life after the first week I had spent with him, so I wasn’t worried about that. We confessed our love for each other fairly quickly. But a baby. After 6 weeks!! Wow!

It was so early on in the pregnancy so it was obviously top secret. My friends know I like to have a drink but that had slowed down a little since I had been seeing Tom so it made it a little easier. But the next day I had one of my girlfriends going away drinks, she was moving to London. What could I do? Go and not drink? No, people would pick it straight away. When do I ever go somewhere social and not drink. I had to lie and say I had gastro, of course they all bought it. That meant only 10 more weekends I had to make excuses for. The journey had begun. 

2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Love reading your blog Ren , it’s so from the heart and you sharing your special journey . Can’t wait for part 2 of this one . Much love sweetheart 😘😘😘

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