I was lucky enough to try the Meeka’s Organic Baby Body Wash & Shampoo and The fine silk sponge. So so divine! 

Meeka’s Baby Wash is a 100% natural formula containing 77% organic ingredients. An amazing aromatherapy blend of German Blue Chamomile and Lavender essential oils formulated to relax and soothe baby while Organic Aloe Vera, Chlorella & Spirulina infuse the skin with antioxidants keeping bubs skin healthy and soft.

It’s not essential but I found the Fine Silk Baby Sponge a real treat. I like to give Harry’s skin a good scrub at night, his skin gets quite oily and often gets tiny pimples on his cheeks and chin. The silk sponge is  100 % natural, it doesn’t hold odors or bacteria and is chemical free. Its silky smooth texture is gentle and is super absorbent but doesn’t get that heavy and full feeling like when I use a flannel. Amazing addition to bath time and what a beautiful thing – straight from Mother Nature!! To purchase these products visit Meeka Body website. 

The products are a reasonable price and so comforting to know they are 100% natural and made with the goodness of organic ingredients! I definitely recommend them. 🌿

Renée x

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