Life before Harry 

I had an amazing childhood. I have wonderful family. My mum, my dad, my sister & 2 brothers. We have always lived near the beach. I have ut most respect for my parents who have worked extremely hard to give us the best life possible. My mum is 1 of 9 and my dad 1 of 7. I grew up with a bucket load of cousins.

I went to sacred heart college in high school. We had a massive group of friends who are still in touch to this day. We were social and were heavy drinkers but we were kind of sensible, we looked after each other.

I was diagnosed with depression in year 10. Not many people knew this, I struggled with my confidence & I was insecure and a nervous wreck 98% of the time. I still struggle with anxiety but I have found ways to deal with it as I’ve gotten older.

I found school hard. I finished school. I studied in disability following in my mothers foot steps in the disability sector. I love children, they amaze me. I got a permanent job at a catholic school working with young children with disabilities, and will be forever grateful for what those children have taught me.

Over the years I have travelled. I have been to Bali 5 times. I love the culture. I met my friends in Canada while they were on a working trip, I loved it so much I came home for 10 weeks & returned to Canada then travelled around America with them further. I have seen parts of Europe. I want to travel more.

I was in a serious relationship on and off for 7 years, we wanted different things & it ended. I wasn’t single for long. I met Tom. I fell in love with everything about him. He is a teacher. He has a beautiful family. We fell pregnant after 6 weeks & it was a huge shock to us both. I have endometriosis & before I fell pregnant I did not know if I would be able to have children of my own. Harry is a miracle. My life had taken a completely different turn.

2 thoughts on “Life before Harry 

  1. Beautiful Blog ☀️
    I m six months pregnant and want to read more about your pregnancy expirience 🙃, baby born, after … about everything .

    Good job and your son is 😍


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